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Why Fuusion?

Corporations create massive amounts of data at the edge. The cloud offers excellent storage and cloud services, however connecting edge data with cloud services is  manual, custom, inflexible, and can’t keep up with the rate of business change.​ Running as a container or a virtual machine, Buurst Fuusion is a virtual appliance that can run in the most remote locations and the most powerful cloud. Buurst Fuusion enables you to unlock the untapped value of your edge data for cloud storage, AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning) , and other cloud services​.

Intelligent Data Platform

Buurst Fuusion is flexible enough to meet almost any data orchestration needs. Our product allows you to connect remote data with an extendable platform to reshape and orchestrate your data from any source to any cloud service. This flexibility allows you to: 

  • Optimize your data transfer to maximize the slowest, dirtiest networks:
    • With our patented Ultrafast™ technology,  data transfers are optimized to peak efficiency.
    • Data aggregation - gather data from multiple sources for analysis.
    • Data filtering – only move the data you need.
    • Data connector library - define the flow of your data

  • Reshape your data to store or make data AI/ML ready: 
    • Data conversion
    • Data routing
    • Data flow control
    • Data cleansing

  • Provides orchestration logic for cloud services to get the most value from your data and keep cost under control​:
    • Initiate cloud services
    • Trigger processing
    • Act on cloud service output
    • Format and route the results
    • Scheduled or event-driven orchestration

Optimize productivity

Fuusion's tailored design removes data barriers to unleash the creative power of your organization. With Fuusion, you will: 

  • Reduce Dev-ops time converting data for analysis
    • Configuration instead of coding
    • Enable human experts
    • Dev-ops to No-ops​ solutions
    • No-code, low-code​ solutions

  • Reduce time and accelerate AI/ML results for data scientists​:
    • Accelerate AI/ML modeling and training
    • Quick to deploy off and on cloud
    • Automation for tedious manual tasks
    • Test and prove out the solution
    • Quick POC and production roll out

  • Provide new capabilities with your existing IT infrastructure:
    • Deploy Fuusion in containers
    • Deploy Fuusion on VMware or Hyper-converged infrastructure
    • Utilize multi-cloud environments
    • Use in off-cloud or Edge infrastructure

Deliver on the AI/ML promise

With Fuusion, you will have the confidence to deliver on AI/ML learnings across your enterprise. With Fuusion, you can: 

  • Standardize an end-to-end data strategy for consistency and compliance
    • Centralized configuration and management
    • Full transaction provenance
    • Full auditing and logging of every transaction of migration flow  
    • Ability to replay migration flow transactions 
    • Ensure compliance, security, and GDPR standards  

  • Enforce security and compliance through the entire workflow of data
    • Chain of custody of your data through auditing and logging
    • Ability to replay migration flow transactions
    • Ensure compliance, security and GDPG standard

  • Fuusion is developed by cloud specialists
    • Cloud experts
    • Training hand off
    • Partner ecosystem connectors
    • Fuusion factory – custom connector creation
    • A decade of cloud experience

Fuusion has a modular design that lets you build the data flow that best meets your requirements. You can start with a simple data mover flow and then easily extend the flow to add additional value over time, or design and build from the start a fully automated flow to immediately start receiving value from your edge data. You decide what modules you need and in what sequence those modules execute to build the solution you require.

Getting Fuusion

While available via the AWS and Azure Marketplaces, it will require Buurst's professional services to tailor your solution. Buurst recommends strongly to contact Buurst to help determine your requirements, in order to ensure you begin your trial with the best possible chance of success. To contact Buurst  for your Fuusion demo, click here.

Know your Documentation Space

Buurst's Documentation has been split into categories based on platform, and task or function. We feel this better reflects how our users actually use our product, and prevents lengthy, unfruitful searches. You will note under Quick Navigation that each category is listed, and you can be taken to each with a simple click of the link. Confluence, however is known for it's search functionality. If you know what you are looking for, you can always type it in the search bar on the menu bar at the top.

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