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Buurst Fuusion gives you the freedom to unlock the untapped value of edge data at scale. It is a data platform that automates data flows from the farthest edges of your organization and lets you convert, filter and orchestrate that data into the format that best fits your data analysis needs. 

Fuusion provides: 

  • A data platform to connect any edge data with any cloud storage, AI/ML, and other cloud services
  • Optimized productivity by removing barriers and increasing your ability to manage change
  • Confidence to securely deliver AI/ML insights across your enterprise with faster time-to-production
  • Patented UltraFast technology to ensure fast and efficient flow of data under poor network conditions

Buurst has created Fuusion to bridge the gap between distributed edge devices and centralized data management. Disaggregated islands of data is being generated faster than ever before, making it harder to control, manage and secure. These data islands can be branch offices, remote factories, offshore rigs, POS systems for retail, or any number of key data generators for your business. The time and effort required for an organization to gather, parse, clean, and move edge data into and out of the cloud has proven to be very cost prohibitive until now.  Before, companies tended to bridge gaps with a series of "one-off" solutions to manage their edge data, solutions that lack scalability or the ability to respond to business change. 

Fuusion Edge

Fuusion bridges this gap by providing a flexible solution called Fuusion Edge that runs at or adjacent to the edge data in question, whether a container, a virtual machine, a physical deployment, Kubernetes, Cloud Edge Services, or Hyper-converged infrastructure.  This solution can span thousands of sites via an integrated data pipeline,  while providing the framework for centralized configuration and management.  A large data connector library allows your organization to connect to hundreds of data sources, and make sense of both structured and unstructured data. Fuusion Edge functionality can further be enhanced by creating custom connectors and processors.

Fuusion Manager

Fuusion Controller is a full function Fuusion central node that can manage the administrative features of Fuusion Data Pipelines (deployment, status, aggregated provenance, UI, monitoring, etc..).  It also allows users to run complex data collection and processing in a scale-up HA cluster. 


Network conditions at the Edge are by definition problematic.  These are distributed systems, often congested, or remote with minimal connectivity and high latency, . Fuusion provides a patented solution to enhance or at the least make the best of these conditions, resulting in data transfer speeds potentially hundreds of times faster than TCP.

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